Openpay's POS API is designed for merchants to enable Openpay as a payment option for consumers who may elect to take out an Openpay plan while shopping in stores.

The API facilitates the initiation of an Openpay plan, get the plan status and activate the plan once the plan is finalized by the consumer.

There are the core actions to be implemented to complete a purchase workflow:

  • The merchant provides the purchase amount, product information and customer ID to initiate a plan in Openpay and obtain a valid Plan ID. Plan is transmitted to the customer app so the customer can choose their payment schedule and confirm the plan.
  • The merchant can check the plan status by invoking the call to check the order status.

Openpay Integrated POS Solution

As simple as choosing a tender type then transmitting an Openpay plan to the customer's phone

Steps to follow - How to handle different PlanStatus

POS App purchase flow diagram

POS App Purchase Sequence DiagramPOS App Purchase Sequence Diagram

POS App Purchase Sequence Diagram

Demo of in-store journey