Below are the credentials for test merchant and test user account on Openpay Training Environment to create and check your Openpay plan.

Please note that we do not send the email and mobile number verification codes on Training mode.

Test Credentials

Below are generic sandbox credentials for you to get you started right-away. Dedicated sandbox account is provided once you sign up with Openpay.

Test Retailers

API Basic Authorisation Retailer Portal Login
Username Password Username Password
3-373 180D731A-F9C8-437B-8FC0-8341196D9CF0 test_user [email protected]
3285 12E5AC1F-EF3A-42D6-AE72-C67BAEEF3AE9 Retaileradmin Admin123
3-370 4E464DBA-3A97-4314-BDEA-A90B8EF9CD12 adminwoocom Test123

Openpay Retailer Portal

Login to retailer portal to view statements, test plans, plan status, etc.


Test Customer

Openpay Mobile App

Scan the QR code to download app. Use below test customer to login.

In-store purchase flow requires a mobile application.

CustomerID Username Password
700001964 [email protected] Test123 (DO NOT reset the password)
300174721 [email protected] Testing123
300154179 [email protected] Testing123


Happy Testing !!